Semi Automatic Screen-filter

Life : 10 Year

Nimbus Semi Automatic Filter Suitable for use as a primary filtration device in small farm holdings. Made from special, chemically bonded polymer for durability. Easy to install and low maintenance. The filter available in 2inch & 3inch.

* Nimbus Semi Automatic Filter designed for Pressure rating PN8 (8bar)

* Disc cartridge enabled with spring loaded for full compressionn of disc andloosen during cleaning.

* Filter with Clogging indicator, Red pop up comes out at x 0.6 kg/cm² pressure di?erential, indicated end user to clean ?lter manually.

* During cleaning operation, all inlet water passes through the pipe, and water jets removes dirt from the discs.

* Handle for 90 degree rotation for cleaning of disc without dismantling of ?lter.

* Disc housing fan gives hydro cyclonic e?ect which makes particles in suspension that reduces cleaning frequency.

* Grooved disc design with dimensional consistency proven with more than 95% ?lter e?ciency