Hdpe Elbow

Life : 10 Year

Nimbus provides molded and fabricated Elbow30°, Elbow 45-65° & Elbow 90° degree for hdpe pipes. Nimbus Hdpe Elbow fittings manufactured from material Grades PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 with working pressure ranging from PN 2.5 to PN 25 in 20 mm to  630 mm Outer Diameter as per BIS Standards


* Salient Features

* Corrosion free - Being a polymer product nil chance of Corrosion.

* Highly Leak Proof Butt-Welded Joints – Even resist earth movement due to earthquakes.

* Highest durability – Long service life at zero maintenance costs.

* Wide PE product range – Pressure rating PN 2.5 to PN bars and Pipe dia 20 to 630 mm.

* Energy saving – Smooth bore throughout the service life – Lowest Frictional Loss.

* Best whole-life-cost vs. Iron and GRP – Even for large diameter mains.

* Availability Full range of Specials (Fittings), similar to the range of products in any other Metal Pipe Fittings.


* Potable Water Supply

* Environmental Project – ETP, WTP, CETP, STP

* Transmitting Highly Corrosive Chemicals & Fluids