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Nimbus Pipes Ltd. is an IS/ISO 9001 certified company engaged in the field of manufacturing and marketing of PE/PVC Pipes & fittings under the brand name NIMBUS. NIMBUS brand PE/PVC Pipes and fittings are widely accepted amongst Consultants, Domestic users, Agricultural, Industrial & Government sectors. With 40,000 MT Production capacity of PE/PVC Pipes at Various locations across the country, we provide a logistic advantage to our valued clients. Nimbus has experience of four decades in the field of PE/PVC pipes and has a technically sound and well-experienced team to provide total solutions to the piping systems in a turnkey fashion, and provides survey, designing, installation & after-sales services.

We at Nimbus engage in the manufacturing & marketing of HDPE pipes up to 630 mm, MDPE pipe up to 250 mm, and a complete range of Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation System. Over the years Nimbus has earned a good name with its consistency in the quality and after-sales services in the States of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.



Nimbus Pipes always live up to its reputation of ensuring total customer satisfaction. Intensive research and development from the conceptual stage have led to the products being user-friendly and of a superior design to meet the toughest conditions. Nimbus Sprinkler system for an entire range of applications including Tea and Coffee plantation is produced out of the finest polymers sourced from India and abroad. The quality is established after prolonged and thorough studies of steep field and terrain as well as the field operative conditions of Tea and Coffee plantations.

Nimbus HDPE Sprinkler System includes completely molded, robust, leak-proof couplings which help the Mainline and Lateral installations easy and fast. Its lightweight and flexibility allow natural adjustment with local contours. The sprinkler system’s low frictional loss saves energy and allows a high irrigational efficiency (up to 90%). It has a water-saving capability of almost 50% which drastically reduces the energy cost.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE Pipes & allied Fittings with “NIMBUS” Brand since last 50 Years 

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